Growing Movements & Saving Birds With Behavioral Science

How can organizations grow participation in science that protects our world? And how can we design research to study behaviors that matter?

Contributors to the Great Backyard Bird Count. Photos clockwise from top left: Cindy Brown/GBBC; Saneesh CS/GBBC; Lynette Spence/GBBC; Pete Davidson/GBBC.
Students designed the subject line and call to action in this email that we tested

What We Discovered

What Does This Mean for Community Science?

People shared more observations when we gave them information on the outcome of their contributions and explained that help was still needed

Clear, persuasive messages and straightforward pathways for participation can increase people’s contributions to community science



Clockwise from top left: Belize Audubon Society/Audubon; Justin Dutcher/GBBC; Parvaiz Shagoo/GBBC; Bethany Gray/GBBC.

Citizen social science to improve digital life & hold tech accountable. Assistant Prof, Cornell. Prev: Princeton, MIT. Guatemalan-American

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