How can we reach for excellence and the common good when we stand on the shoulders of enduring sin?

Menorah” (1993) by Roger Wagner depicts the Didcot nuclear power station in front of three crosses and a field of genocide survivors. The painting is on display in the sanctuary of St. Giles Church in Oxford.

How can junior faculty advance a public mission when it’s not always part of the job?

How can organizations grow participation in science that protects our world? And how can we design research to study behaviors that matter?

Contributors to the Great Backyard Bird Count. Photos clockwise from top left: Cindy Brown/GBBC; Saneesh CS/GBBC; Lynette Spence/GBBC; Pete Davidson/GBBC.

How can researchers overcome stigmas in science toward communities of color? And how can we establish partnerships that are valuable to everyone involved?

How racism defines which students are seen as creative, and which students are seen as threats

LEGO WeDo. Photo by Noratheone

In a crisis, we wrongly think that talk is cheap and action matters most. By improving coordination, slowing down can speed us up.

Dr. Dawna Ballard, Associate Professor at the University of Texas Department of Communication Studies

When 70 people died in her hometown, Dr. Mary Amdur decided to find out why. Her funder? The firm accused of causing it.

The Donora Zinc Works. Source: Donora Historical Society

J. Nathan Matias

Citizen social science to improve digital life & hold tech accountable. Assistant Prof, Cornell. Prev: Princeton, MIT. Guatemalan-American

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